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Meat Processing Equipment Spare Parts

Meat Processing Equipment Spare Parts

Meat Processing Equipment Spare Parts. Expendable materials for meat processing machinery. Spare parts for meat plants worldwide shipping. Best prices and fast delivery.

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Services for food industry

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    Machines and Equipment for

    food processing

    Machines and technology for meat processing. Slaughter lines and meat cutting.
    Food processing equipment for forming, coating, frying, cooking, grilling and freezing.
    Fish Farming and Processing Equipment.
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    Machinery and Solutions for

    food packaging

    Vacuum packaging machines. Tray Sealers
    Vertical and horizontal flow-pack machines
    Doypack flat bag packaging. Packing into a carton.
    Handling and palletisation. Dosing equipment.
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    food hygienehygiene

    Food Production

    hygiene and cleaning

    Hygiene and professional cleaning equipment.
    Cleaning in the Meat, Dairy, Poultry Brewery industies.
    Crates washing machines. Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems.
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    Professional Services

    for food industry

    Meat processing plants design.
    Machinery service and maintenance
    Spare parts supply.
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    Planning and design

    Production technology design. Meat processing factory planning ensuring a possibility future expandability of your facility. Further benefits are created by the absolutely short routes in the operational procedure and the optimized flow of material without any intersections.


    Technical support

    Installation and commissioning of the equipment.
    Maintenance and equipment servicing.
    Technical expertise. Fault detection.
    Repair of equipment.


    Equipment examination and evaluation

    An inventory of equipment and supplies.
    Estimating the cost of repairs. Installation, dismantling, repair and maintenance equipment.
    Estimating the cost of equipment.
    Presale preparation.

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