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Frontmatec appoints new CEO

Frontmatec appoints new CEO

Frontmatec is a market leader worldwide in red meat processing systems with superior technology, good technical solutions, focus on customers and dedicated employees. Frontmatec has grown significantly the last years, both organically and through the acquisition of more than 9 companies. Annual sales today is in excess of EUR 240 million with more than 1200 employees.

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Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine USK 160 S now with Hand Knife Grinding Attachment HV 150

Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine USK 160 S now with Hand Knife Grinding Attachment HV 150

Established since many years, the Wet-Sharpening Machine is now available in a new version especially for sharpening hand knives.

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Holac at IFFA 2019

Holac at IFFA 2019

Digital innovations are the main focus of this year’s expo. If you want to get your company started with Industry 4.0 then head to the holac booth, where you will find the right technologies and tools as well as expert contact partners.

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CARNITEC – מכונות לתיעוש ואריזת מזון

CARNITEC – מכונות לתיעוש ואריזת מזון

לחברת היכולת המקצועית לבחור מתוך המגוון הרחב של המכונות, את המכונות המתאימות ביותר לצרכי הלקוח.

היגיינה ונקיון
מכונת ואקום
אריזה בשרינק ופוליאוליפין
אריזה בפלאופק
מכונות ומערכי ואקום
אריזה בשיטת שקיות ואקום

מטחנות מערבלים ומכונות מילוי
חדרי עישון ובישול

מכונות להפרדת עצם
מכונות לקילוף עורות
מכונות לחיתוך
קוים לירקות בשר ומערכי שקילה
ציוד לעיבוד בשר


Planning Services for meat industry

Planning Services for meat industry

designWe offer comprehensive solutions to plan, design, and construct meat, poultry, plants. Grow your meat, poultry, or seafood operation by implementing our master planning services. We will analyze the various options for expanding, renovating, or constructing a new facility.

  • Master Planning
  • Factory planning
  • Production Engineering and PlanningMeat Processing Facility Design
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Services for food industry

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      Machines and Equipment for

      food processing

      Machines and technology for meat processing. Slaughter lines and meat cutting.
      Food processing equipment for forming, coating, frying, cooking, grilling and freezing.
      Fish Farming and Processing Equipment.
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      Machinery and Solutions for

      food packaging

      Vacuum packaging machines. Tray Sealers
      Vertical and horizontal flow-pack machines
      Doypack flat bag packaging. Packing into a carton.
      Handling and palletisation. Dosing equipment.
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      food hygienehygiene

      Food Production

      hygiene and cleaning

      Hygiene and professional cleaning equipment.
      Cleaning in the Meat, Dairy, Poultry Brewery industies.
      Crates washing machines. Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems.
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      Our products

      Professional Services

      for food industry

      Meat processing plants design.
      Machinery service and maintenance
      Spare parts supply.
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      Planning and design

      Production technology design. Meat processing factory planning ensuring a possibility future expandability of your facility. Further benefits are created by the absolutely short routes in the operational procedure and the optimized flow of material without any intersections.


      Technical support

      Installation and commissioning of the equipment.
      Maintenance and equipment servicing.
      Technical expertise. Fault detection.
      Repair of equipment.


      Equipment examination and evaluation

      An inventory of equipment and supplies.
      Estimating the cost of repairs. Installation, dismantling, repair and maintenance equipment.
      Estimating the cost of equipment.
      Presale preparation.

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